Updates to the Site

Hey Everybody!

So, my site has a bunch of updates!

*I’ve added a bunch of new photos (a whole set of the Cake Smash photos as well as a bunch of photos in the selfies section at the bottom of the photos page).
*There is a link to my GoFundPaige (check it out if you haven’t yet)
*I’ve made a completely new and really long playlist on Spotify and the link is on my site. Check it out! Best listened to in order – I spent a lot of time actually ordering each and every song because there are so many genre’s that they’d sound odd on shuffle. (Note: It’s free to make a Spotify account and listen to songs in order from your PC/Laptop.  However, if you want to be able to listen to the songs in order via the app with your mobile and listen without commercials, you have to get a paid account.)

Thanks and enjoy!

_Paige xoxo

PS – Thanks to TZPhotography for the fantastic photos, to all the people who’ve donated to the GoFundPaige account thus far, and to NY Web Dev for always being awesome about updating my site when I need it!

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