Paige Verona Playlist, Número Dos (2018): “Obsession”

After I made my super long 2016 playlist, I kept hearing other songs I thought would be great to add.  I kept adding them to a separate list with the intention of adding them to the original playlist, but life got busy and the list got longer and longer.  Recently, I decided it was time to put all of those songs together and create another Paige Verona list of music.  Surprisingly enough, although the first playlist from 2016 has songs that I gathered over many years, this new list with songs that I’ve gathered for the past year and a … Read More

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The Original Spotify: Paige Verona Playlist (2016): “Dangerous”

In 2016, I compiled a super long playlist on Spotify which consisted of a lot of fun, sexy, and awesome music from all genres.  Some of songs remind me of work (from my point of view or the view of others or some sort of mix), some are songs that over the years have been favorites of mine to dance to at work, and some have nothing whatsoever to do with work, but are just songs I really like. I spent hours specifically putting each and every song in order (176 songs and over 11.5 hours of listening pleasure).  There … Read More

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