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Thank you SO MUCH for ALL of the donations of any denomination that have been generously gifted since 2016. I REALLY appreciate it and you!!


Hello there and thanks for checking out my GoFundPaige page!

Go Fund Paige!

Paige has bills! Paige needs to buy new sexy outfits for photo-shoots and for work and for you! Paige is very very appreciative of any financial help she can get! No donation is too small or too big!

Feel like celebrating Paige’s birthday? Feel like celebrating your birthday? Won a scratch off and want to share the joy? Having a great day and want to spread some smiles? Do you like when Paige smiles? Is reading this making you smile? All of these are superb reasons to donate! Being supportive is awesome and so is donating! If you do both, you are doubly awesome!

The History of GoFundPaige:

My GoFundPaige campaign started when I was curious to see what GoFundMe was all about. I had heard that it could be for anything at all, so I decided to make a campaign to help out with the general expenses of life, work, medical bills, home expenses, etc… I did not know what to expect as far as the reactions I would get from people for starting a GoFundMe page, but I was happy to find that people were excited about it and I got some good feedback and many donations, all of which were generous and are very appreciated. Even though the campaign was doing well for 3 months, GoFundMe decided to terminate my account and my campaign without any explanation as to why.

I was disappointed and bummed out – and apparently some donors were also! So – I’ve decided to try to continue my GoFundPaige campaign directly from my website. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding an easy way to process credit cards because anything “sex-related” or in a sexual field gets denied by Paypal, Square, Venmo, Circle, and many other card processors (even things as harmless as erotica books).  Therefore, **currently, donations are accepted in Cash, via Popmoney.com, via CashApp, via Bitcoin, or with Amazon Gift Cards (click here for my Amazon list), though cash is the best option because then we can have a visit!**
(For more information, email me or check this blog: Go Fund Paige)

To increase some of the fun with the donations, I have created an incentives list. Please email me at veronapaige@hotmail.com for more info (or feel free to make a donation just out of the generous goodness of your heart!).  

A BIG BIG “THANK YOU,” to those of you who have been so generous and carefree and wonderful. Thank you for the donations, the help, and the support!  YOU and your generosity ARE APPRECIATED!

Need more reasons to donate? Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, International Smile Day (first Friday in October), National Splurge Day (June 18), I Want You To Be Happy Day (Mar 3), Everything You Do Is Right Day (Mar 16), International Nude Day (Jul 14), Be an Angel Day (Aug 22), Make a Difference Day (Oct 22), World Kindness Day (Nov 13), Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after Thanksgiving), Peculiar People Day (Jan 10), Nothing Day (Jan 16), Fun at Work Day (Jan 18), Send a Card to a Friend Day (Feb 7), Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (Feb 7), Paige Verona’s Danceversary (Feb 20), Make Your Own Holiday Day (Mar 26), Friendship Day (Aug 6), International Moment of Laughter Day (Apr 16), Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving), New Year’s Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, Cubicle Day (Apr 18), National I Love You Day (Oct 14), Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving), or any other day or night of the year!

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