DANCEVERSARY/GO FUND PAIGE!: Newly added donation options: Crypto & Popmoney

Hey Everyone!
Today (February 20th) is my Danceversary!  Celebrate the anniversary of me doing something I love by visiting me this week while I’m working. 
Alternatively/Additionally, if you’re so inclined, please check out my GoFundPaige page! Thanks to all of you who have been participating! You guys are the absolute BEST!!!  
Donations can be made:
* in Cash (in person)
NEW OPTION: via PopMoney (Go to, make an account using your Debit Card or Bank Account, and all you have to do is send your gift/donation to and I will receive it)
* via a Credit or Debit Card on Facebook (Go to my profile via the adjacent link, click the three dots “…” on/under the banner photo, and go to the send money option.)
NEW OPTION: via Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin) (email me for my receiving addresses)
* with Amazon gift cards  [Click the adjacent link for my Amazon Wish list if you’re also interested in sending other gifts (click adjacent link for my full wish list including Amazon and other Items)].  Gifts that are shipped from the Amazon Wish List will be delivered to Lace in West Nyack and I will pick them up on the following Friday that I work *Let me know you’ve sent something so I know to ask the managers for the package!*
Email me for the incentives list!
_Paige xoxo

Email me at if you are interested!

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