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**Please CLICK ON A DATE to Check Availability!!!** THANKS!

January 29, 2019

There are often dates I am working, but sections of time I will not be available at all that evening…Please click on individual dates on the calendar to see what the actual availability is for those dates.  (Or check the Schedule Blog Here: https://paigeverona.com/ )   ***Emailing me works even better because sometimes I know there is a timeframe when I will not be available, but I don’t have an exact time, so I don’t post it on the site.***

***PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SCHEDULE TIME TO SEE ME FOR A SPECIFIC DAY (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT SAYS DEFINITELY OR MAYBE WORKING, OR EVEN ISN’T LISTED AT ALL).  Emailing me helps me to plan my schedule and also helps so that we don’t miss each other whatever day/time you are coming by.  I can’t always guarantee to be available any day or time, but I can’t let you know if it’s a possibility unless you tell me about it. NO SILLY EXCUSES LIKE YOU FEEL FUNNY EMAILING ME OR YOU DON’T WANT TO BOTHER ME WHEN I’M NOT SCHEDULED TO WORK.  IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY MAKE MY DAY TO HAVE TIME SCHEDULED TO SEE YOU!  PLEASE EMAIL ME TO SCHEDULE WITH ME!!  THANKS!!***  VERONAPAIGE@HOTMAIL.COM


January 29, 2019

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