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***It’s Here!: Paige Verona Playlist Challenge, Número Dos***

To find out all about The Paige Verona Playlist, Número Dos (2018): “Obsession”  (CLICK HERE) Paige Verona Playlist Challenge, Numero Dos (2018) Facebook Event (CLICK HERE) Paige Verona’s New Playlists Page     CLICK HERE FOR THE FIRST PAIGE VERONA PLAYLIST CHALLENGE FROM AUGUST 2016!  

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The Original Spotify: Paige Verona Playlist (2016): “Dangerous”

In 2016, I compiled a super long playlist on Spotify which consisted of a lot of fun, sexy, and awesome music from all genres.  Some of songs remind me of work (from my point of view or the view of others or some sort of mix), some are songs that over the years have been favorites of mine to dance to at work, and some have nothing whatsoever to do with work, but are just songs I really like. I spent hours specifically putting each and every song in order (176 songs and over 11.5 hours of listening pleasure).  There … Read More

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DANCEVERSARY/GO FUND PAIGE!: Newly added donation options: Crypto & Popmoney

Hey Everyone!   Today (February 20th) is my Danceversary!  Celebrate the anniversary of me doing something I love by visiting me this week while I’m working.  Click Here for My Schedule   Alternatively/Additionally, if you’re so inclined, please check out my GoFundPaige page! Thanks to all of you who have been participating! You guys are the absolute BEST!!!     Donations can be made:   * in Cash (in person) * NEW OPTION: via PopMoney (Go to, make an account using your Debit Card or Bank Account, and all you have to do is send your gift/donation to and I will … Read More

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Click here to listen to my new 2018 playlist via Spotify®!