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Go Fund Paige!: Venmo & Circle

Hey Everyone!   Check out my GoFundPaige page! Thanks to all of you who have been participating! You guys are the absolute BEST!!!   When I got things up and running again with the ability to donate via Circle, it worked out well for a lot of people, but you had to have a debit card to be able to use it. I recently also got a Venmo account for those of you who prefer to use or only have the option to use credit cards for donations. Woohoo!   Here is the CIRCLE link for us both to receive … Read More

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The Paige Verona Playlist Challenge!

Click the link to join the Facebook Event, and if you don’t have Facebook, here is the Challenge: GOAL: To listen to the entire Paige Verona Playlist (in order is best). (Give each song at least a minute’s listen, and try to keep the skipping to a minimum!) Hopefully this playlist will introduce you to some new tunes or help you re-visit some loved ones. It may give you an appreciation for a genre/song/artist you weren’t previously into. This playlist is meant to make you have fun (and feel sexy)! No time limit to complete the challenge. This is just … Read More

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Updates to the Site

Hey Everybody! So, my site has a bunch of updates! *I’ve added a bunch of new photos (a whole set of the Cake Smash photos as well as a bunch of photos in the selfies section at the bottom of the photos page). *There is a link to my GoFundPaige (check it out if you haven’t yet) *I’ve made a completely new and really long playlist on Spotify and the link is on my site. Check it out! Best listened to in order – I spent a lot of time actually ordering each and every song because there are so … Read More

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Click here to listen to my new playlist via Spotify®!