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My Work Schedule – HAREM, LACE

Hey Everyone!!! Here’s the schedule: (as planned…but please remember to check the schedule before you come in for updates on availability, especially on days with poor weather) ~*~*~PLEASE RELOAD/REFRESH THIS PAGE.  Sometimes I make updates on the site, but they don’t show up on some peoples’ browsers unless they refresh the page…even if you are looking at this several days later.~*~*~*   STILETTO, NANUET: Currently, due to super slow activity there, I am no longer on a regular schedule at Stiletto Nanuet. However, if anyone specifically wants to schedule at least 60-90 minutes of room time with me there on a … Read More

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Hey Everyone!   Check out my GoFundPaige page! Thanks to all of you who have been participating! You guys are the absolute BEST!!!  (Note: As of 9/2017 I am no longer using Venmo and Circle.  Donations can be made in Cash, via a Credit or Debit Card on Facebook, or with Amazon gift cards.  I’ll keep looking for a way to accept credit cards.)   Email me for the incentives list!   _Paige xoxo Email me at if you are interested!

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The Paige Verona Playlist Challenge!

Click the link to join the Facebook Event, and if you don’t have Facebook, here is the Challenge: GOAL: To listen to the entire Paige Verona Playlist (in order is best). (Give each song at least a minute’s listen, and try to keep the skipping to a minimum!) Hopefully this playlist will introduce you to some new tunes or help you re-visit some loved ones. It may give you an appreciation for a genre/song/artist you weren’t previously into. This playlist is meant to make you have fun (and feel sexy)! No time limit to complete the challenge. This is just … Read More

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Click here to listen to my new playlist via Spotify®!