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Wish List

People are often asking me for gift ideas. I’m hard to buy for because I’m super practical and so aside from money to buy things that I need, I don’t usually need or want anything particular. Here are some ideas.

~ Cash
     * in person
     * via Facebook w/ Credit or Debit Card (Go to my profile via the adjacent link, click the three dots “…” on/under the banner photo, and go to the send money option.)
     * via PopMoney (Go to, make an account using your Debit Card or Bank Account, and all you have to do is send your gift/donation to and I will receive it)
     * via Crypto Currency (email me if you would like my Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin receiving addresses.)
~ Shoes  (if you’re going to order these, please let me know so I can give you the specs!):
~ Amazon  : Gift Cards or other items from my Amazon Wish List (click the adjacent link for my list)  Gifts that are shipped from the Amazon Wish List will be delivered to Lace in West Nyack and I will pick them up on the following Friday that I work *Let me know you’ve sent something so I know to ask the managers for the package!*

I love practicality. Please don’t go out of your way to order me jewelry or things that aren’t listed above. However, everything is very appreciated and I thank you for doing something special for me, like ordering from this list or sending something to help me out!

_Paige xoxoxoxoxoxo

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The Paige Verona Playlist Challenge!

Click the link to join the Facebook Event, and if you don’t have Facebook, here is the Challenge:

GOAL: To listen to the entire Paige Verona Playlist (in order is best). (Give each song at least a minute’s listen, and try to keep the skipping to a minimum!) Hopefully this playlist will introduce you to some new tunes or help you re-visit some loved ones. It may give you an appreciation for a genre/song/artist you weren’t previously into. This playlist is meant to make you have fun (and feel sexy)! No time limit to complete the challenge. This is just for fun. 🙂
Hi Everybody!
So…I’ve had a playlist on my website since I started having a site…however, the most recent one I had on it has been there and unedited for a long time. So, this past week I spent a lot of time creating a whole spankin’ new playlist. Some songs remind me of work (from my point of view or the view of others or some sort of mix), some are songs that over the years have been favorites of mine to dance to at work, and some have nothing whatseover to do with work, but are just songs I really like. There’s a lot of sexy music, lots of fun stuff, some funny stuff, mellow stuff, energizing stuff, pop, rock, hip hop, rap, R&B, funk, electronic, alternative, indie, lounge, oldies, jazz, swing, country…all different time periods, too. There are some really cool covers and lots of awesome originals.
**I spent hours specifically putting each and every song in order (176 songs and over 11 hours of listening pleasure).** There are so many different genres and sounds going on in the playlist that having them shuffled around would really probably make them clash.
Anyway, because I spent so much time on it and I feel that they are all awesome songs, I decided to make The Paige Verona Playlist Challenge. Basically, it’s just to get you to hear some new stuff, or re-discover songs you haven’t heard in a while. My music tastes vary widely, so it’s doubtful that anyone with a picky music taste will like all of this. However, it’s also likely that regardless of your music taste, you’ll find several songs you could get into.
Feel free to share the event or invite other people to it. It’s public music enjoyment for everybody!
Note on Spotify: If you have a paid account, Awesome! – you can listen to the playlist in order on any device and have the added bonus of no commercial interruption! If you have a free account, you can only listen to it in order from your laptop or PC but unfortunately not from the app, which only allows shuffle play. This playlist is best listened to in order, but shuffle is better then not at all… If you don’t have a Spotify account – it’s free! (And it’s the only way to listen to the playlist at this time.)
Thanks for listening! I hope you all enjoy it!
_Paige xoxo
PS – While you’re at it, remember to check out my photos link (lots of new photos recently added) and my GoFundPaige!
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Updates to the Site

Hey Everybody!

So, my site has a bunch of updates!

*I’ve added a bunch of new photos (a whole set of the Cake Smash photos as well as a bunch of photos in the selfies section at the bottom of the photos page).
*There is a link to my GoFundPaige (check it out if you haven’t yet)
*I’ve made a completely new and really long playlist on Spotify and the link is on my site. Check it out! Best listened to in order – I spent a lot of time actually ordering each and every song because there are so many genre’s that they’d sound odd on shuffle. (Note: It’s free to make a Spotify account and listen to songs in order from your PC/Laptop.  However, if you want to be able to listen to the songs in order via the app with your mobile and listen without commercials, you have to get a paid account.)

Thanks and enjoy!

_Paige xoxo

PS – Thanks to TZPhotography for the fantastic photos, to all the people who’ve donated to the GoFundPaige account thus far, and to NY Web Dev for always being awesome about updating my site when I need it!

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Click here to listen to my new 2018 playlist via Spotify®!