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My Work Schedule – HAREM, LACE **BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!**

Hey Everyone!!! Here’s the schedule: (as planned…but please remember to check the schedule before you come in for updates on availability, especially on days with poor weather) ~*~*~PLEASE RELOAD/REFRESH THIS PAGE.  Sometimes I make updates on the site, but they don’t show up on some peoples’ browsers unless they refresh the page…even if you are looking at this several days later.~*~*~*   ~*~*It’s My Birthday Month!! Yay for April and Yay for Birthdays!!  Come help me celebrate all month long!~*~*   ***IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!! COME HELP ME CELEBRATE!** MONDAY, Apr 23: HAREM, Lodi, NJ: 6* pm – closing (about 1:30/2 … Read More

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