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My Work Schedule

Hey Everyone!!!

Here’s the schedule: (as planned…but please remember to check the schedule before you come in for updates on availability, especially on days with poor weather)

~*~*~PLEASE RELOAD/REFRESH THIS PAGE.  Sometimes I make updates on the site, but they don’t show up on some peoples’ browsers unless they refresh the page…even if you are looking at this several days later.~*~*~*

****Remember, you can always 
EMAIL ME AT VERONAPAIGE@HOTMAIL.COM to block out time for a private room, or to let me know that you are coming by.  It helps to let me know so we won’t miss each other!****


THURSDAY, July 28: 4 pm – closing* (about 1:30/2 am)*I will not be available from about 5:45 pm – about 8 pm and from about 10 pm – closing


MONDAY, Aug 1: 4* pm – closing (about 1/1:30 am)…*I will not be available from 5 pm – 5:30 pm

TUESDAY, Aug 2: 4 pm – closing (about 1/1:30 am)

Wednesday, Aug 3: Possibly working…PLEASE EMAIL ME ahead of time if you’d like to schedule time with me

THURSDAY, Aug 4: 4 pm – closing (about 1:30/2 am)

Friday, Aug 5: Possibly working…PLEASE EMAIL ME ahead of time if you’d like to schedule time with me


For more updates on scheduling, click on the SCHEDULE link above.


I hope to see you soon!!

_Paige xo

~STILETTO, 180 E Route 59, NANUET, NY 10954; (845) 624-6900; 18 & up; Juice Bar; Nude

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My Facebook PROFILES – Please Read!

OK – SO: for those of you who didn’t know…my account was disabled for 2 days.  I didn’t think they were going to reactivate it, so I made a new profile (  The original profile was reactivated  ( & is the Facebook I will be continuing to use and update.

However, I am also going to keep the new one in case anything like this ever happens again!  I just won’t be updating on it unless I can’t get to my main one.  It’s just a back-up.  I was so upset that I had lost contact with 300 people!  SO, if you would like to make sure you can stay in touch with me on Facebook in case anything ever happens to my profile, please make sure you are friends with me on both profiles!

UgH!  Sorry for any confusion & thanks everyone!

_Paige xo

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